Monsanto is the Devil at Joe's Pub

preshow.jpgOpening day is usually fraught with nervousness and uncertainty but not this show.  We know why we were all here today.   In the next few days, we will be riding a bus halfway across the country to eat organic food in the face of the enemy, Monsanto.  We will also stand in solidarity with the people of Ferguson, Missouri.   The verdict isn’t out of the Courts yet but THE VERDICT IS OUT WITH US, NO MORE POLICE BRUTALITY, NO MORE POLICE KILLINGS!

We sang, songs of joy, songs of determination, songs of love.   Reverend Billy’s sermon brought us back to the simplest fact, every atom, every energy is of the Earth and we humans have to respect the Earth and the other animals, plants and land that we share the Earth with.  We also have to respect each other.  Our differences should make us interesting to each other, not hateful to each other.   We sang and the hope that the songs spread out to the audience and they in turn will share it with others.   That is our hope.

Joan Baez came out to close the show with a soulful rendition of Freedom and the choir joined in and it was as close as I felt I was ever going to get to being one with the spirits of everybody in that room.    As the verse to one of our songs say, we have a map to the sun and the rain and we will heal this Earth.

Next post will probably at the next place I can get wi-fi. We’ll be on the road!   EARTHALUJAH!