Message from Rev in Jail

tombs.jpgNote: This message was transcribed from a phone conversation with Reverend Billy while he was in jail.

Approaching Tompkins Square, I was planning to initiate a tree sit for the weekend during the People's Climate March and preach from the crotch of the tree. I got to the tree and couldn't climb it. I tried to shimmy up the trunk, but sure enough I felt a muscle snap in my right leg like a big rubber band. I dropped back down on the wire mesh floor of the orange truck. I felt the soul of Bendy Tree with multiple amputations. I found myself getting progressively depressed as I talked to the neighbors who knew the tree. Everyone there knew Bendy Tree. We cared for Bendy Tree. 

I found energy to defend Bendy Tree from having my hands on the Earth and its living body. We are called upon to have an emotional relationship with living beings that is more intense than we have in the past because so many are vanishing into extinction. Bendy Tree was executed in a rush to judgment.

After the arrest, they took me to Bellevue Hospital with leg irons around my ankles and a chain between them. They handcuffed me to the bed. I was surprised at the level of brutalist security. Then they took me to the Tombs.

They may keep me here until Monday. I'll be thinking of the March and wishing I was there with you, the Stop Shopping Choir, activists, beekeepers, fractivists and scientists.