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A note from the Rev:
Well, here we are selling our message to stop buying... We've struggled up and down with this. We know this contradiction.

We are message-makers. We need to get our beliefs as far and wide as we can. We have such a world emergency and Consumerism is so much the villain. For years we preached and sang on sidewalks - now we go into people's homes and out to foreign lands. However, we must recoup the expense of creating these records and films and books. We give these things away as often as we can -- but must do some trading of energy to make it work.

This is constantly under review. As things are, you don't have to use a credit card - you can order here with a debit card straight from your checking account, if you wish. So we'll keep working on this and your suggestions are taken seriously, believe me...

We hope the message we bring helps you! -Rev

Each Stop Shopping item will be mailed 1st Class to you for $15 (plus shipping, and tax, if any). Any two items is $25, and any three is $30. The shipping for one is $2, for any two is $3, and all three is $5.

The Shopocalypse The Shopocalypse CD
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We recorded most of these tracks in one big room at Excello Studios in Brooklyn, the choir singing at one end and the band playing at the other. We hoped to capture our live spirit and still get really fine studio quality tracks. We have sung these tunes all over the world, in malls, on sidewalks and in jail cells too.The dance tunes are special late night subversion opportunities, slip them in that party mix.
What Would Jesus Buy? What Would Jesus Buy? DVD
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Produced by Morgan Spurlock and directed by Rob VanAlkemade, this docu-comedy follows our trials and triumphs across the country as we preach and sing to help holiday-abused Americans find a new Christmas without products. This film has played throughout the US, bringing Fair Trade activists and Evangelical Christians together in darkened movie theaters, emerging with new tools to BUY LESS and GIVE MORE!

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What Should I Do? What Should I Do If Reverend Billy Is In My Store?
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In these pages we go inside the Disney Store on 42nd Street (the "High Church of Retail") to witness staged dramas against that Consumerism which employs eight hundred Disney characters with their reeling eye-balls and sky-cracking grins. We encounter the icon-twisting logic of the Credit Card Exorcism. We follow the adventures of the Stop Shopping Choir - recovered preachers' kids singing anti-Starbucks anthems at the altar of the $5 latte. We join the Reverend as he preaches love and peace to the crowds that gathered spontaneously in Union Square Park after the attacks of September 11.
The Last Televangelist - 4 Episode DVD
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Our FreeSpeech TV show! Four episodes in great quality on DVD: "The Temple", "Bye Bye Buying", "The Wall", and "Freak-a-lujah!" Beautifully shot segments on our street activism, fabulous worships, saints and music videos! Check out streaming episodes here.
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