Memorial Day Message

18813844_10154408748685974_5896579368922653920_n.jpgGoogle is the pillar of fire leading us to the promised land where we kill the people who got there first. The corporations figured out that our past is a commodity. We should pay for it. Follow the pillar of fire and after the killing is over, well then we can go shopping. 
Our national dementia has us drawing a blank. We log in to our exterior brain which someone else owns. Oh, to think for ourselves again! That would be to painstakingly re-learn a long forgotten mother-tongue.
This is Memorial Day 2017, in Trump America, and we demand the freedom to remember. We demand to remember the many promised lands that were not murderous. We will revisit the peaceful visionaries before they became pixels on sale. 
Oh remember! Remember! The pleasure of remembering! You are real. You are flesh and hair and smell and desire. You are a heart and soul and love.

To return to reality is radical! And it is time to be radical Americans again!