Mapping Monsanto

12063445_10153055743640974_8986994854136531821_n.jpgWe ask our friends to share addresses near where they live of that purveyor of toxicity, Monsanto. Like their molecular-scale poison darts, Monsanto is sometimes hard to find. We offer here the four addresses where the choir and I have held forth in the last year. 

1) The laboratory in our current video is at 37437 State Highway 16, in Woodland, Cali - Yolo Cty, near Davis, California. To be a part of a protest there contact Kim Sloan at the Anti-Monsanto Project (AMP). 
2) World headquarters of Monsanto is 800 N Lindbergh Blvd, Creve Coeur, MO 63141. When we staged our organic Thanksgiving dinner in the snow at their front door, we were helped by many special local activists. Organic Consumer Association (OCA) has the contact info for Big Chem resisters in every city and town. 
3) "640 Labs", 2 N LaSalle St, Chicago, IL. Located downtown near Federal Plaza, this is one of the research firms Monsanto gobbled up, either to expand their operations or just to neutralize a competitor with profitable secrets. We performed an exorcism with this year's March Against Monsanto.
4) When we're in Cambridge MA singing to scientists in Harvard's Micro-robotics Laboratory, the DARPA-helped frankensteins trying to replace the honey bee with a Robobee, we always stop at the nearby Monsanto office, 245 First St #2, Cambridge, MA 02142

It has a convenient lobby area which carries echoes from bullhorns up to the rattling windows. 

Watch out for the crop-dusters!