Look At This Fool

safe_image.jpgFOOL-A-LUJAH! My prayers go to the thousands soon becoming fools, or check that - THE FLOOD. The more impatient group from yesterday's mega-march will dress up in blue and in wave after wave throw themselves on the impassive facades of Wall Street power. Seems like a very basic and dramatic action for the Earth. 

I'm just so sore today I'm walking slowly and taking naps, maybe one trip to the police to get my priests collar and iPhone. They thought I'd hang myself on my vestments while reciting the experience to the media, or something. 

What the police should really be concerned about is the fate of their own children, and they should hope that fools like me keep looking for that elusive courage that the Earth offers us constantly, the radical love of life, the willingness to be life in service to life, be willingness to risk our lives for the lives of our children. We've been unable to sustain a social movement for decades because life is delivered to us dead, in little packages, covered with marketing, and we are consumerized. There can be no emergency, not even for survival itself, in consumer society. We must touch the Earth and let the Earth touch us, and become foolish enough to re-enter evolution. The Bendy Tree was not "rotten." She was so healthy that her full canopy of leaves sheltered us. Goodbye great life! We have your life in us now! Earthalujah!