Lena Turns Four

10172741_10151958222895974_712208561_n-1.jpgThis morning it is dawn again, Spring again. The students of the Earth say that the sun will keep rising. But Spring will bloom very differently. Lena will live in seasons shifting each year. The silencing of the forests and coral reefs and the roaring of unbelievable storms.

Lena will fall in love. Meet a boy or a girl. Then she will enjoy her personal springtime, the birds singing in her blood. Her love will grow like the life of the Earth as it was for so long. It makes me so happy to imagine it, her heart beating with love like the Earth laughing.

Lena - whatever happens to us - we always whisper to you: "Of all things - Lena your love matters the most. It has the power of the sun coming up. It overwhelms all the shadowy institutions, the poisons and war. May your love have the springtime that the Earth prepared for you.