Lena is in the next room

10994162_10152557363605974_8862287980576437118_n.jpgLena is in the next room, walking around inside a play that she has written. She is a character in it, but has the author's position too, talking with fellow actors that she listens to and talks to and gestures with - I almost see them. There seems to be a boat with fishing, and a map and a fish "on the fifth floor," which is a bit of apocalyptic imagery right out of the ocean rising to drown Wall Street. There's more than that in this scene. Much more. 

She'll be 5 years old in two months and should be in school but we decided that her 3-D world was so vivid that we would wait for a break in the action before taking her into the city. Our love of invention is so extreme it is socially improper, suspect child-rearing. Then again, the hair-raising destruction by Brian Williams and Dominique Strauss-Kahn of their careers by invented worlds that overwhelmed them - is the top of the news today. 

And the police in New York have created a fictional world that we walk and drive through at our own risk. Their idea is that Al Sharpton and Barack Obama flew the jets into the towers on 9/11. And the consumption economy is Frankenstein religion, making us salivate on cue, but now over-ruled by the Earth. Lena, the day will come when you will have a co-author in your scenes, or you already do. A wild wind turns us away from the script that we thought was our life.