Help Reverend Billy and the Stop Shopping Choir Save Us From The Frackers

Niall Bakewell here from Friends of the Earth Northern Ireland. 

Our tiny, wet, populous island is living under the shadow of voracious drillers, hell-bent on using any method necessary to extract the marginal oil and gas from under our feet.

Ireland’s waterways are intimately interconnected, and feed our fertile land, and fragile habitats, as well as keeping us all in fresh, clean drinking water.

One mishap anywhere on this island could have disastrous consequences for life everywhere on this island, and yet politicians in Northern Ireland have handed out exploratory drilling licences for some of our most sensitive sites.

Among them is a site just north of Belfast, right next to a state-owned reservoir that serves thousands of homes in the city with their drinking water.

We need to bring maximum attention to the looming disaster of reckless drilling taking place smack bang next to a vital resource for so many vulnerable citizens.

This is why we want Billy and the Choir to join us in Northern Ireland in May – to bear witness as only they can to the Northern Ireland Government’s folly and iniquity of chasing petro dollars over protecting Northern Irish lives.

Please help to crowd-fund their journey to join us in the global fight against pollution and runaway climate chaos.  The trip will incur transport, accommodation and subsistence costs for the troupe – there will be 15 of them coming to be with us – and we need them well-rested and fed if they’re going to give us their all. 

Unconventional drilling for hydrocarbons in luscious, verdant, densely populated Ireland would be madness – even by Big Oil’s existing crazy standards. 

With Billy and co. back on Northern Irish soil, we can stage a show-stopping action to galvanise the anti-fracking/anti-drilling movement here, but we need your help to do this.

Please give whatever you can to help us bring our favourite New Yorkers back to Belfast for their biggest Northern Irish performance yet.