In the Forest

Tomorrow Monday we perform in the City Centre, the old Corn Market, in Belfast, at 3 PM. It was a market of local produce, including honey and beer and all things Irish, which has now been killed by sweatshop retail financed by big banks. Our hosts in this venture are the Friends of the Earth of Northern Ireland. 

10429450_10152202633900974_4435511863561697982_n.jpgIn this picture, a cop is trying to end my sermon about the Honey Bees - delivered from my stage, a picnic table - to which I have to say I was invited by our producer Anthony Roberts of the Escalator company. And the cops did succeed in ending the sermon, claiming that I swore.

It must be pointed out that any swearing took place only after about ten people were pushing, shoving and screaming at each other, my audience was heroic, which aroused me to say, or I'm told I said, "In the forest ecosystem Mr. Policemen, we eat you and love you and fuck you..."