How To Resist Toxics For Dummies (Like Me)

11402443_10152820462480974_6052182531861010003_o_(1).jpgFirst, take pictures, videotapes, write in journals, talk to people and point your finger at dead things and make snarky comments. My photo from biking around Prospect Park this morning:

The spraying truck and its emptied boxes of Monsanto's RoundUp, a known carcinogen. And the poisoned weeds. The concrete wall behind the little fence is the playground for PS 154 in Brooklyn. The steps on the upper right corner is our house, up and down which runs, bounces or if she is asleep like last night after rehearsal, Lena is carried... PLEASE DON'T SPRAY NEAR CHILDREN and other living things.

And so we are gathering evidence now. And will you send us your pictures. Last night the Stop Shopping Choir agreed to gather evidence in the city. These pictures plus 50 peer-reviewed published scientific studies plus Pope Francis' Enyclical and you gettin' somewhere. Put that in the mayor's lap!