How Far

11060110_10152817885080974_5074174341466003437_o.jpgHOW FAR FROM THIS EMPTY PLAYGROUND TO THE THOUSANDS OF FAMILIES IN THE BOATS? the hundreds of thousands massing at borders, living as nomads, fleeing the chemical wars and food riots.

How far from this poisoned playground to the grieving families who go to church today with a loved one missing. How far is it really from police violence to the crazy loners who kill? Tamir Rice is in that playground.

Monsanto's toxins and the bullets of the state are both the creations of that border that we will cross. These reinforced fences that keep us apart and take away the power that we would have if we acted together - are false borders, created by fear.

There will be a time soon when the wanderers will break through the border and pray with the American families crying in the graveyard; a time when the neighborhood gathers around the toxic spraying truck and takes the driver by the hand.

---Father's Day, 2015