Honeybees and Fracking Wells

10428445_10152206479080974_6141182547202206113_n.jpgIn each singing ritual on the tour of Scotland and Ireland, bees have descended on our shoulders, wild bees and honey bees. Today we travel to the last habitat of the Colette's Bee, an species endangered by golf courses and second home condos in Ireland's north.

Ireland is a country that has no GMO crops, and so perhaps fewer pesticides. (That would be predictable but don't have the research.) There are bees here in more concentrated numbers than in the states. Local fishermen and Friends of the Earth of Northern Ireland gathered with us at a lake endangered by a proposed well. 

We sang "I got apocalypse fatigue, my honey bee and me/ Where's my home hive gone? Where's my sweet sweet tree?" And the "Climate changed me, when I lost my only job/Climate changed me when my mom began to sob/Climate changed me when the storm tires of the roof/Climate changed when the sky told me the truth."