Home From The Banker's Jail

1236453_10151579247785974_956649361_n.jpgNehemiah and I spent the afternoon in the cage. They came down into the subway and snatched us. Got out after nightfall. They took half of our toad-heads as souvenirs, or "arrest evidence," but then let us go. Very grateful not to be in the Tombs today. Brooklyn seems like a beautiful dream. I'm not getting better at jail as I get older. It's awful. But it does feel like the right way to begin The Church of Stop Shopping fall campaign. The cruel illogic of defending the earth-killers while rushing to neutralize and hand-cuff a group of nonviolent activists... Extinct amphibians handing out information about Chase Bank investments and shouting and dancing a bit... this warrants the charge of "Riot?" Our arresting officer read the charges to us in the cruiser on the way to the station. He said, "Disorderly Conduct and Conspiracy to Riot." What? Did we do that when said "Let's hop like ancient toads around the bankers..." It feels like the right place to start because we must personally feel how tortured and rigged this is. We walked into that reverse gravity and got swept up. Start with that. The earth-killers proceed, the bankers direct the police. The propertied oppose the living. The conformed confront the misfits. We know where we stand. Trying to survive is conspiring to riot. Earthalujah!