Happiness Right Now

11807650_10152911044490974_6099791231282107822_o.jpgI was walking uphill with Lena. We were on our street, nearly home, and the bright evening light to the west was making the windy trees silhouettes in motion. It was that coolish-warm evening wind, my favorite. Lena suddenly saw Sam the neighborhood cat standing motionless in front of our house. Sam! Her little soft hand slipped from mine and she was running uphill through the windy trees toward the shapes of bright light and Sam started turning toward her in that cat way, ready to escape. Lena was laughing, knowing Dad was watching and the cat was escaping and the trees made those soft whistling sounds. I was suddenly completely relieved of my worry about the future which is my lot. I've been thinking about the trucks that spray glyphosates all day in the park nearby, but we're alive now. I'm grateful that the Earth still would give us this moment. I'm feeling such contented happiness watching her running toward our home.