Glyphosate Spraying Begins in Brooklyn

11401316_10152811756265974_2150949382807270191_n.jpgI was praying at the front gate of the Quaker cemetery, which is canopied with beautiful trees now, when two wealthy-looking kids ran up shouting, "Oh, is the cemetery closed? Why is it closed? Well, that's disappointing. Why don't they open it?" So I said Earthalujah under my breath and walked toward my bike and walked it the end of the path, where the paved street starts, and there was a box of Monsanto 'ROUNDUP' staring at me from the back of a green pickup truck, and two Parks workers measuring the poison, pouring it into a white tank.

I talked with them about all the kids around this part of the park. One of them had an apologetic tone, like sad moaning sort of voice, "We've been experimenting with lemons. There's a way to kill weeds with concentrated lemons..." And later, "The ROUNDUP we use is only 3% Glyphosate and the stuff they sell in Home Depot is 10%." And then, "We're spraying these fire hydrants so the fire-men have easy access if there's a fire." He had arrived at the Rock of Gabraltor of New York moral certitude. Help the fire-men and you're OK. But why not just pull the weeds around the hydrant by hand?

I was so surprised I didn't take a picture. Then I biked after them and took a picture of the truck in the Parks lot. I pushed my bike through the trees and snuck up behind. It was nice to feel illegal, without getting arrested. The Parks guys walked by but they didn't see me in the trees. I saw boxes of ROUNDUP in a shed, but all I had was the cellphone for my picture. I needed a zoom lens for to get that damning logo.