Gardening In Trump Tower

trump_escalator.pngWe are ready to return to our gardening in Trump Tower. I speak in code-words here, but just to say our first write-in sessions commence the week of Sept 11-19. We feel that our work in the public garden on the 5th floor of the Devil's "700 ft. tall gold-tinted Presidential erection" is the laboratory of culture that we've been looking for.

For The Church of Stop Shopping, after 17 years of work in anti-consumerism around the malled world, we have come full circle to face the King of Consumerism. He brands with every glance. Trump steaks. Trump jets. We are TRUMP PROTESTERS.

At the Write-In ritual, the surprise details of life that flow from our pens and pencils onto the notebook are radically pre-social, are what art was supposed to be. We will slip our message into the minds of passing tourists, or sing our writing in tactical earth-worshipping gospel.

A Selfie will become its opposite, call it an OTHERIE. And what is that? It's taking down the wall. It is the sensual aliveness of the unscreened face, the direct experience. Earthalujah! Shopping has stopped!

Shopping ends and living begins. If the tourists on the bottom floors of this tower stop shopping? Oh then the bankers, real estate moguls, hackers and lawyers in the upper penthouses suddenly become unmonied and very lonely. They crawl to the elevators to join us on the ground.