Fundamentalist Christians

11836795_10152906604385974_8163832056036692501_n_(1).jpgFUNDAMENTALIST CHRISTIANS BELIEVE 2ND COMING WILL SAVE THEM FROM CLIMATE CHANGE. The inspiring but tragic Jesus of Nazareth, killed by the Romans at the age of 32, certainly won't be there to deliver us from the floods and fires of climate change, which is, in fact, the form that the Apocalypse is taking. How ironic: Fundamentalist Christians are the also-rans here at the End Times. And they thought they invented the genre!!

Only the Earth offers life that transcends death. Earth makes life that includes death within it. That is the gift. It is eternal life as it was always meant to be: many lives dying and giving birth, intertwining and growing the future. Individuals never had the inside track on eternity, but communities of life can live for a long time, if they live in balance with the communities of life around them. It isn't too late to live that way, is it?