Flood 11

10865956_10152594585525974_5359377606296688734_o.jpgThe Peoples Climate March, celebrated how many of us there are who oppose climate violence. The next day, Monday Sept. 22nd, the "Flood Wall Street" activist event saw thousands do just that, flood wall street like the rising tides surely will. Eleven of the arrestees, who refused a plea deal, are pressing forward with a "Necessity Defense" in the New York courts this week.

Tim DeChristopher mailed us this message, which I was honored to read to the defendants at their lunch break from trial.

"The ‪#‎Flood11‬ represent the cutting edge of the climate justice movement, and they deserve our respect and support. As part of Flood Wall Street, their action highlighted the important systemic connections between capitalism, the corporate control of government, and the climate crisis. They helped focus national attention on the structural nature of a crisis that demands revolutionary structural changes. Their action used people power, creativity, music and beauty to nonviolently send the message that to truly combat climate change, we need to dismantle the power structures of oppression.

"It is especially encouraging that the #Flood11 did not let their civil disobedience end with a mere photo-op. They are taking their case to trial to continue demonstrating the necessity of drastic action to respond to the climate crisis. Since our corporate-controlled political leaders have failed to hold Wall Street and fossil fuel executives accountable in court for their “disorderly conduct” on a massive scale, the #Flood11 are risking their own security to force this issue into the courtroom. In a world where a tiny elite can prevent the solutions necessary to defend our civilization, there is nothing disorderly about committed nonviolent resistance to that economic and political injustice. The very necessary actions of the #Flood11 are an example to our movement, our leaders, and our society, and I hope more will follow in their footsteps.

Sending my love to you and them,