Fat Friday

17098735_10154171239610974_8393405118316415402_n.jpgFIRST FABULOUS WORSHIP AFTER HEART GOES HAYWIRE. I've been light-headed but not faint-hearted these last days, feeling woozy more from over-medication from western doctors than from my arrhythmic heart. A FAT FRIDAY celebration hosted by our long-suffering pro bono 1st Amendment-defending lawyer Mr. Wylie Stecklow was the right way to come back. In this photo, Wylie is the one in the green wig of an English judge, receiving our thanks on stage. THE STOP SHOPPING CHOIR was in fine voice, sharing the bill with the legendary Charles Neville and his Circus Mind band. The crowd was a blend of civil liberties lawyers from Burning Man and the Mermaid Parade, and possibly the Doo Dah Parade too... I think this was a good cardio-vascular workout. Between singing the 1st Amendment song and our anthem "Monsanto Is The Devil" I daydreamed about the big fish who swam into the Wells Fargo lobby with me & Savi two weeks ago. I wondered how her fish-heart is beating. Is she still in the East River? (Photo courtesy Erik R McGregor)