Fabulous Bad Weather

Hurricane_Sandy_New_Jersey_Pier.jpgFABULOUS BAD WEATHER blows down the walls, the separations of class and race. The categories. The standardized tests. The way that consumerism and militarism makes us afraid of each other - no time for that now. Neil Young and Daryl Hannah have come into our lives because of these extraordinary times. Naomi Klein, red diaper baby of Toronto, is talking strategy with Pope Francis. These aren't the only ones walking through the old walls. 60 million people are confronting the artificial borders of the world. The hurricane and tornado, the food riot and the riot from thirst - the walls feel the world music of our movement. It's our turn to be super storms, children! The Earth urges us to make a NEW WILD COMMONS. Strangers are trusting strangers again. The stage is for everyone who storms it. We have tribal codes for greetings, like: "Did you ban Monsanto yet?" and "How do you feel, do you want some water?"