Monsanto Stopped In Europe

monsanto-skull.jpgThe $500 lunches must have wreaked hell with the budget, what? The bribes must have taken many forms. Monsanto must have helped many lawmakers with their personal finances. THIS - THIS, children, is a WATERSHED VICTORY. It will put toxin-free wind at the back of activists around the world.

Monsanto and "Big Chem" wanted this vote badly, and last year it looked as if they would get it. Monsanto executives infiltrated the European Union government, the con was on! Reports that the toxins were safe came from renta-lab-coat scientists, paid for by the industry, of course. But nearly one hundred scientists and advocacy groups signed up to testify against extending permission to use glyphosates for 15 years. The pressure swept across Europe, from beekeepers to moms to oh, the real actual scientists.

Recall of Monsanto's Roundup is very likely now, as EU elected turned down even a compromise extension of a year and a half. They went for that when they knew they were in trouble. Slow down the process. Rope-a-dope the bored public. And increase the fine wine anointed bribery-meals and that advertising-like "science." The Earth is speaking through the disappearing butterflys and frogs and songbirds, and the Earth is speaking even through the predators who let this happen, you and me. Earthalujah!