Resurrecting mountains at Chase lobbies on Easter Sunday

Rev. Billy arrested as two more NYC Chase branches get a deposit of murdered mountain mud!
Resurrecting mountains at Chase lobbies on Easter Sunday
After planting two "mountains" of toxic mud in lobbies of JP Morgan Chase Reverend Billy Talen was arrested by New York police at Astor Place and incarcerated at the 9th precinct on East 5th Street in the East Village. The Church of Life After Shopping retrieved the soil from strip-mining sites in West Virginia. Rev. Billy and the choir paraded across the Village with the mountains recreated on yard-long wooden planks. JP Morgan Chase is the primary underwriter of strip-mining in Appalachia.

Our first stop was at the Chase lobby on St. Marks Place and 2nd Avenue, where the choir performed a "mystery channeling of money" as bank customers withdrew cash. The Reverend preached to a sidewalk crowd through a white megaphone. When the Choir reached their second destination at Astor Place, three NYPD squad cars surrounded the action. Rev. Billy told the officers taping his speech that he was leaving a message for JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon in a plastic Easter egg on the peak inside the lobby. As Talen concluded his sermon, the NYPD demanded that he remove the miniature mountain from the floor of the ATM lobby, which Rev. Billy refused to do. He was subsequently arrested.

Reverend Billy was released on his own recognizance after a detention of two hours in Manhattan's 9th precinct.

From the Rev. Billy Pulpit:
  • Mountaintop Removal's Ending?: "The EPA announces that it will enforce the Clean Water Act. Our hope: Mountaintop Removal stops immediately. It's like a war when peace is announced and suddenly a bird is singing in the tree next to you and you step carefully out of your basement, into the sunlight. Is this real? "
  • Bring your own murdered mud to Chase!: "We invite you to make your own mountains in the lobbies of Chase ATM branches in your town. Use dirt from your backyard or public park, bring it into a Chase branch and leave it there. Leave a note for Chase CEO Jamie Dimon. You can look up your nearest branch here. Take a picture or make a video and send it to, post it on our Faceboook page, and send it around the world."

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