Interview After Screening 'What Would Jesus Buy?" on Netherlands TV

Rev parades in Amsterdam
Original Interview in Dutch (Oorspronkelijke interview in het Nederlands)

Holland Doc:
Rev. Billy tries to raise consciousness about issues like the triumph of shopping malls in America, the consumer addiction to credit, the death of small-town America, and the exploitation of Third World labour. Do you feel that you are being successful in raising awareness of these issues?

Billy saves bills

IT'S a mystery why money is splurged before Christmas when it can be saved during the Boxing Day sales but enjoy the crush in the last-minute rush. Those who refuse to shop 'til they drop have an ally in US evangelist Reverend Billy and his Church of Life After Shopping. Billy, a performer named Billy Talen, spreads his anti-consumerism message with the Stop Shopping Gospel Choir and Not Buying it Band. If you are going to shop, endeavour to reduce your carbon footprint.

¿Alcalde Billy?

Por su collarín blanco y su cabellera rubia le conoceréis. Y por su defensa infatigable de las causas perdidas, desde la plaga de los Starbucks y los McDonald’s a la privatización los espacios públicos, como éste de Union Square desde el que acaba de lanzar su candidatura: "¡Votad al Reverendo Billy como alcalde de Nueva York!".

De la obra y milagros de Bill Talen, más conocido como el Reverendo Billy, hemos dado cumplida cuenta en este blog.

"A Mission For The World To Stop Shopping"

BBC World Service

The Rev and Savitri D have at the myths of consumerism and big box populism on the BBC World Service!

The 'Reverend Billy' is a man on a mission. He wants the world to change their shopping habits and use local shops instead of big chain stores.

Shopocalypse 09

Photo by Zara Burton
At the grand old Battersea Art Centre, we managed to catch the tail end of Rev Billy Stop Shopping ‘Shopocalypse’ tour.

It was a long day for the good rev and choir, as they had been preeching in the behemoth commonly known as Westfield shopping centre all day and had encountered an unnecessary amount of static from under-trained heavy handed security guards.

Don't Cross Me!

Screenshot of Article
Fantastic, tabloid style photo and headline in this piece. Due to the bizarre, "e-paper" nature of the article's website it's difficult to present the text here, but you can click here to read it.

It's the second link from the top, in the list.

Rev Billy comes to London

Screenshot From Demotix
The Reverend Billy and his 'Life After Shopping' Gospel choir from New York were busy in London today on their 2009 UK Shopocalypse Tour.

I met them at Downing St, where they gave a brief performance, although unfortunately Gordon Brown wasn't at home. The police at this high security site, now hidden behind tall gates with armed guards, obviously didn't quite know how to handle the holy activists, and the officer who stopped the Reverend to question him failed to make much progress - other than being diagnosed by Billy as having a "shopping problem."

Rev Billy on BBC Radio 4 Loose Ends

Click the link for a 5 megabyte mp3. Get surreal on the radio!

Rev's fight for a fairer future

HALLELUJAH! There is help at hand for those who feel we are living in a profit-driven, wicked and dirty world — a world that is rife with advertising, supermarket domination, packaging and global warming.

The saviour for people who think we are suffering from shopping overload is Reverend Billy and his Gospel Choir of Stop Shopping.

Even the most hardened devotee of the shopping culture cannot fail to be persuaded as Reverend Billy and his choir sing, preach, charm, berate, seduce and rescue men, women and children — all in one evening.


Photograph: Ramin Talaie/Corbis
Rule one for interviewers: know who you are interviewing. But today, that's complicated. Am I speaking to former playwright and actor Bill Talen, the man behind the spoof preacher and anti-capitalist figurehead Reverend Billy? Or am I interviewing - well, Reverend Billy himself? Talen, like many character comics, seems to no longer know where the actor stops and the faux-evangelist begins. "I can't keep track of the integration of myself and this character," says Billy, in that southern drawl he uses to terrorise Disney stores across America.
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