Two weeks touring the UK, performances and actions
The United Kingdom has been rocked by the G20 and their Parliament's scandalous shopping habits...they need the Life After Shopping Gospel!
The whole country shopped until it dropped. Now let's Buy Nothing.
This year we five days of rituals to help you get local and back away from the product! It all builds to our Union Square Dance Your Debt Away Party, celebrating buylessness and the 1st Amendment in public space!
An Ongoing Defense of Our Nation's Civil Liberties
Defending the First Amendment is an ongoing defence of our nation's civil liberites - the right to free speech and expression, the freedom of the press, the right to express grievances, the right to public space.
Exposing the relationship between unsustainable consumption and climate change.

Dirty Coal, Blown Up Mountains, Buried Creeks, Endangered Creatures, Threatened Communities

Casting the demons out of vaults and ATM lobbies that finance Mountaintop Removal Strip Mining
We have begun exorcising UBS Banks. UBS is the single largest financer of Mountain Top Removal (PDF report) in the world and has provided Big Coal with hundreds of millions of dollars to finance this deadly practice. UBS is also the world’s largest private bank, famous for hoarding the wealth of Republicans, Nazis, and any old tinhorn dictator.
Defending Coney Island From Retail Devil-opment
Coney Island is the land of the free and the home of the freaks, Playground of the People, The Poor Man's Riviera – the developer Joe Sitt and Thor Equities have been buying up property there for years and have big plans for development. The City of New York, led by petit tyrant Mike Bloomberg, has a brutal rezone in the works that would reduce the amusement  area to just 9 acres. King Neptune and Queen Mermaid join the battle to Save Coney Island.

Opposing Starbucks' Attempt to Privatize the Trademarks of Indigenous Coffee

Starbucks is Pirating the Trademarks of Indigenous Coffees!

Join Ethiopian activists, Rev Billy, Oxfam & Global Exchange

More than a year ago, the country of Ethiopia approached Starbucks and asked the company to lead the coffee industry by example and sign an agreement recognizing Ethiopia’s legal ownership of its fine coffee names, such as Sidamo, Harar, and Yirgacheffe—ancient names that have been part of Ethiopia’s culture for centuries. If companies like Starbucks signed such agreements, Ethiopia would occupy a stronger negotiating position with foreign buyers, capture a larger share of the market associated with its coffee names, and better protect its brands. And the country’s millions of coffee-producing families could rely on a decent income, as coffee has accounted for 40 to 50 percent of the country’s total export earnings and has provided jobs for an estimated 15 million people. Coffee families are experiencing hunger and malnutrition now – with high child mortality rates.

But Starbucks Said No! Read more about our action...

Emboldening healthy neighborhoods everywhere to fight their own extinction
The East Village is internationally recognized as a site where flourishing shops and culture are seriously threatened by a rapid influx of chain stores.  Currently, between 2nd Avenue and Avenue D and Houston Street and 14th Street there are less than 10 chain stores, making it one of the last few commercial sites in Manhattan where independently owned business predominate. The struggles to defend the East Village therefore set precedents for communities around the world.  In protecting and strengthening neighborhood diversity, we build critical case studies that emboldens healthy neighborhoods everywhere to fight their own extinction.
Parks are for People Not for Profit!
For over 130 years, the park‘s pavilions have served as a playspace for children, a bandstand, a reviewing stand, a speakers’ rostrum, and as a focal point for labor rallies and social protests.  Despite this illustrious history, the Union Square Partnership Business Improvement District (BID) is attempting to turn the pavilion into an upscale restaurant. Demanding transparency and consideration of our communities' needs, Union Square Not for Sale is a campaign based in the belief that parks are for people, not for profit.
Demanding an End to the Clear-Cutting Forests for Victoria Secret's Catalogs
A million of the Victoria Secret catalogues are sent out to the world every day- mostly turning quickly into landfill -- and the paper upon which these glossly pages of models and their sweatshop thongs and bras are printed are mostly from the Canadian Boreal forest. This is an urgent global warming issue. Clear-cutting these trees takes a principle carbon dioxide absorber out of circulation - the breathing of the earth. The clear-cutting practices by the International Paper Company, Vicki's supplier, is abhorent. Join us in pressuring these irresponsible companies. The Church of Stop Shopping is cooperating with Forest Ethics to protect the forests. There will be a day when we think to protect the life system of which we are a part when we buy paper products.