1966768_10152404941400974_577013432579386367_n.jpgHow obvious does it have to be? We have uniformed officials in our midst who have permission to murder. We can march, we can scream, we can sue - but what will it take? The law enforcement profession has drifted so far into their delusional world. They are a subculture, talking to each other in their private language, unaccountable to the larger citizenry.

(from a sermon last Thurs in Ferguson)

"Wars against people of color in other lands, racists police departments here, same thing. They will stop now. Citizens must rise up. Amen? Rise-up-alujah! 10, 20 years from now when your children are grown up, you will remember this moment, this turning point in American history. We are here. The bullshit stops here. We're not afraid. We're not hesitating. We will stop shopping at your super malls. We will stop giving our tax money to racist police. We are changing now."