13217256_10153446762585974_8447129656643006314_o.jpgBerta Caceres and Father Dan Berrigan and Michael Ratner, David Bowie and Oliver Sachs and Prince, the names that ride on the surface of our modern storm of suicides and cancers and drownings of refugees. 

We are a nation that is finally unable to continue its tradition of death denial. Our eternal life was something we murdered the natives with. Now we die, alone in our homes, with America exploding in the windows by our deathbed, like cartoon apocalypses... 

It took a bad president to kill the word hope, but it took all of us to turn the Promised Land into a gated graveyard. Our family this Sunday hiked with through the vast resting place called the Green-wood Cemetery in Brooklyn, New York. It was at one point an A-list tourist destination, equal in the 19th century to the numbers who visited Niagara Falls, but now this 600 acre green world is abandoned. 

People no longer mourn. The rare car that appears zooms by like a fly buzzing by ancient rocks. Is sorrow possible from the blurred vision of an SUV? I mourn Prince's passing with a hundred YouTubes. We make our way back to realistic life by walking for hours through the tombs with a child who continually asks about the lives of the people reclining in the mausoleums crushed by the falling trees of the hurricane.