Corporations are Zombies

11401417_10152799969350974_8169307840925777352_n.jpgFor decades we have considered these businessmen regular citizens who simply have a different economic idea. No, in 2015, it is folly to think of people who believe in the magic power of profit-taking as reported quarterly to their invisible investors - as ordinary ambitious citizens. They are zombies. They kill living things and live on our blood.

CEOs of these companies must be surrounded and captured by their workers, who see the light. Police are among these workers. They defend property, power and as we know from recent developments - they defend their white race. The Earth is the main revolutionary here, the source of our power to return these zombies to their hell.

This is an evolutionary OK Corral. The important thing is to remember that this is real life. This is not media zombie-ism. Not the assassins of the Sopranos or Scarface to the Game of Thrones. These are the zombies who walk among us. They wear suits.

They persuade us that they know how to create prosperity. They are killing the Earth and we are the Earth. They are killing us. We will rise up with a counter faith that is so strong that we defend the Earth. A zombie in a business suit has entered my home! I feel his fetid breath, his eyes the color of the bright blue Chase logo! I am defending my loved ones! Earthalujah! EARTHALUJAH!