Cops and Bankers

safe_image-5.jpgCOPS & BANKERS LOVE THEIR CHILDREN & WE GOTTA LOVE 'EM TOO. The Earth Movement won't move if cops & bankers don't move on their bosses & defend the lives of their loved ones. So ("COPS & BANKERS...) is the opening line from our new song! Talking with activists in Edinburgh last night.

Yes, many of us hurt by illegal police tactics might have trouble with a new kind of contact. But the war between cops & earth activists is a culture war. Each of us has legal claims, but it is the culture war that keeps us locked in posturing & sloganeering while we lose time, the CO2 goes up every week, the gassy oily bankers profit by their earth-killing.

Many people in law enforcement & in financial institutions have children. They cannot be sure that their loved ones can have a normal life. Scientists report accelerations in all areas, ice-melt, disease, natural disasters, species extinction. With our activism we'll perform for police in their bars and station houses & perform for bankers in their lobbies, websites, restaurants. They will hear us sing that we are in this together. COPS & BANKERS LOVE THE EARTH, because their children are the earth & they need the chance to love themselves. Earthalujah!