Cook Organic, Not The Planet

1977114_10152159540225974_4249932231239645120_n.jpgOrganic farmers hear recipes from the Earth every time they put their fingers in the soil and come up with ten thousand beyond-the-naked-eye animals on their callouses. It's also true that there are secret nature mystics everywhere, from janitors to life coaches. You don't have to be on speaking terms with Druids or the Hopi or Gaia scientists. Lots of folks have their own nature thing figured out, even on painful 3rd Avenue in New York City.

Here in the hushed confines of the Stop Shopping seminary, we look for re-approaches to modern life. The frenetic middle-distance of dot-comism has beyond it the wider world of Gaia. I didn’t say Google. I said - Gaia. On the intimate near side of the pixelated anguish clamoring for attention from the screen - we have our love lives, our unmediated thoughts and formation of language from our bodies. Organic dining.

As activists, when we are meditating on our next strategic trespass, we find that information is more useful when it comes from the intimate and from the whole, from near and far, from you and me and from the Earth. This is a landscape that gives a richer palette of information than is possible from the dot-com world. A landscape of radical action comes to us in signs, intuition, premonitions, common sense and commons sense, whispers, dreams and the non-corporate arts. It comes to us from the organic farm called modern life.