14231801_10153693472550974_2022745459538783521_o.jpgCONVENIENCE we shop for creates SEA-RISE we die from. All shopping has its anti-shopping. I have this thought on the ferry while crossing the Irish Sea. The power of the ocean reduces me to innocence. I’m absolutely humbled by the force and scale of this thing. I go out on the deck and try to learn what I’m supposed to learn from the limitless tumultuous sea. It seems to ignore me. What is my place here? I have no address in these waves. I have no profession here. I’m not even an Earth activist here. I have nothing to say.

I must say out loud that my job is to know what to say. Maybe not in this post but over the next days in my journal maybe my being this lost, taking the ferry from where to where? – maybe what happened will come out clear in fragments. Will I have signs when I get back to New York? The thing about being an Earth activist is the source of our passionate work is unknown to us. Nature doesn’t tell us we have a role. We took our place on this Earth by force.

It’s hard to have a moment of doubt the size of the ocean and then presume to be translating on its behalf. Let me try. If we were in the United Nations and the Earth was turning the podium into a superstorm and the world leaders were baffled and I had gotten the job to translate – what would I say into their headphones?

“All shopping has its anti-shopping. All TOXINS have their SUPER WEEDS. All Pentagon secret missions and crazy loners with guns and CEO’s with bullet point charts and militarized traffic cops and haters from violent gods have the Earth rising against them with a counter strategy called Life.”