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Are you a member of the press? Would you like to book Rev & The Stop Shopping Choir for a lecture or performance? Do you have a message for Reverend Billy, Savitri or the Choir? Please write to us here and be as specific as you can.

Our mailing address is PO Box 1556, Canal Street Station, New York, NY, 10013. You may also reach us by phone at 415-259-7121. We look forward to hearing from you.


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    Dear Rev Billy, my name is Justin Becker, we have spoken before when you Skyped in to speak to Colin Beaven’s Sarah Lawrence Class. Currently, I am working for an organization called the Center on Conscience and War. We are peace organization that deals with draft laws, GI rights, and selective service. We are celebrating our 75th anniversary on September 27th with an event that we are calling Re-Imaginings for Peace. At this event, we plan to have a demonstration at the National Mall in Washington D.C. to promote a new vision of monuments and memorials dedicated to peace instead of war, which glorify and consume constantly in video games, television, media and film. I believe that your anti-consumer message is appropriate for our event because the consumer culture that has glorified war has taught a whole generation that violence and war is cool. Corporations make money from sending soldiers off to die, and yet we glorify those deaths through violence and war, as great heroes perpetuating the cycle more. With this event, we hope to change that cycle. This event is in coordination with the Campaign Nonviolence’s International Week of Actions for Peace. It would be an honor if you would consider joining us and perhaps share your re-imagination of one of the memorials that is so dedicated to war. I hope to hear from you soon. Thank you, and Earthelujah
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