Consumption and Population

safe_image-4.jpgPushing the Earth into the wrong spin, and now the imbalance (or new arrangements that endanger our children) are accelerating. 

Consuming, populating, and the complete absence of political leadership on the survival issue of climate. The only leaders on the ground are the dollar, the renminbi, the euro and the invisible investors behind the markets. No Nelson Mandela of the Earth is on the world stage. Automatic corruption guides things. Fracking, coal-fired power, clear-cutting and over-fishing, the extinction of native cultures - all gaining momentum as the Earth's accelerates its disastrous response, and we helplessly look on.

We believe in nonviolent dramatic action. We take humor and music into places that are impacting us but which are beyond the touch of any democratic review. Recently our concert stages are the science labs where they design drones from the flight of going-extinct honey bees; the investment banks where they invest in fossil fuels; and mysterious warehouses where millions of publicly owned books were moved from New York City libraries. We're earth-worshipping performance artists. But we know that to survive we will have to stop fossil fuel artlessly, with our bare hands.