10613119_10152398061495974_8658364150919137433_n.jpgRealize the gift of Ferguson/Monsanto trip. Re-finding anger. Going up through sorrow, surprise, Mike Brown's dying site, ... then find ourselves singing "This Little Light of Mine" in a packed church basement with the cook, a woman named Mama Cat coming out in front of the food to preach... Then with the police lights beaming in the old windows, off we go to two Walmarts, a Target, and a racist police station. We needed to be a part of a movement that started with interdependency, that sudden breaking into song, long embraces and locking arms before electronic doors and dogs. 

In Occupy we created community from the movement. In Ferguson the community was the resource to begin with, how these people survive in the American apartheid. We are back now in Brooklyn now with this memory of our 64 hours, trying to heat up the apartment, going through sermon and prayer notes. Trying to heat up our performance on stage tomorrow with this gift of anger. God that was intense. Jumping up and down at the Ferguson Walmart on Black Friday midnight? That's stronger than a memory. That's new muscles.

We needed to re-find our anger. What a gift from that Ferguson community. Suddenly they have this job - the conscience for the world. They are so sure of themselves, shouting to each other in that basement "I love you! I love YOU! I LOVE YOU!" and everyone knows that this fierce eyes-wide love is how they will survive this night.