Comic Puritanism

10955186_10152543848920974_8957223341188247823_n.jpgThree days ago another mysterious jury refused to take to trial an Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) policeman accused of strangling a passenger. Last night an MTA train coming into the Wagnerian town of "Valhalla, New York" saw a stalled SUV too late and six died in the collision. And as you members of the congregation are aware - your pastor was arrested in mid-sermon by over zealous MTA cops in Grand Central Station, and now we have filed a $500k lawsuit to help finance this Facebook page which siphons money to the MTA's banker, Goldman Sachs, but don't get me started.

And today, with the MTA a large, painful joke at the expense of our once-great city, I sit down with Lena to take the train home from kindergarten, and we're under the East River zooming along and we look up from The Cat In The Hat and find ourselves surrounded by these moral advisories from that same MTA, up and down the length of our train, placard after placard of unasked-for advise designed to reduce us to polite consumers with beige personalities. They should tell us not to do strip dances on the poles in front of the children... Because what evil is possible here? I want to know. I hope that Lena & I will always know what to do wrong & have the courage to do it.