Citibank Jesus

17212234_10154192564535974_634484850096077072_o_(1).jpgCITIBANK JESUS CLUTCHING A BUSH COVERED WITH OIL Action Number 2 in the Citibank campaign, in which the Church of Stop Shopping accompanies the Earth in overwhelming the evil banks. Citibank organized the 17 banks that put up the $3.75 billion for the Dakota Access pipeline, about as Evil as Evil gets.

Sylver is laid out on a plastic tarp, with his leafy bouquet, with an oily substance anointed upon him by Christopher as Barbara (in red scarf below) preaches on the evils of fossil fuel banking in the climate change and extinction era. This is choir situationist harmonizing... yeah!

Total time: 15 minutes. No arrests just threats from a very righteous Citi bank manager. A white male teller pushed the robbery-in-progress button behind his plexi-glas - and did it like with a swagger. We handed out flyers to about 20 customers and employees. We hope that others will join us in making bank lobby Earth performances.