January 16, 2014

We Resolve

We Resolve
We resolve to offer the fossil burning world more Pussy Riots, Edward Snowdens and Chelsea Mannings, Arctic 30 and Sea Shepherd sailings, Spiderwomen Shard-climbings and Tim DeChristopher biddings and Gezi Park tree-defendings. This year acts of earthy courage will appear on continent after continent, as if we are shouting out to one another from different parts of a burning building that with enough shouts will douse the flames and cool the wetlands.

We resolve that our rebellions from within the ranks of the old human arsonist will make Earth-defending and nation-building one in the same; social justice and Earth justice the same thing.

We resolve that we re-up our courage this year - but that our courage have generosity in it, not only ferocity. If young parents find themselves taking jobs as riot police, may we appeal to them through their armor and find them laughing and singing our songs. Do I hear an Earthalujah!

We resolve that middle management fossil bankers will become Earthers because their children are made of nothing but Earth. This year let children run forward skipping and shouting into the Climate Movement, playing hookie from the false excellence of constant testing and re-enter the Earth, penetrating as kids can - climbing and gyrating and hopping into the front gates of coal power, the escalators to Monsanto offices, the mysteries of the fossil hedge funds.

We resolve above all that this year we release the Earth's horrific extinction report into the Climate Movement. This year the Earth itself will scream the science into the hearts of the fossil politicians. May Black Rhinos and Dodo birds and a Tasmanian wolves break out of the extinction zoo and run straight into the nightmares of the sleeping fossil investors. This year may Sequioa seedlings ruin their cocktail parties, served by caterers who love forests.

We resolve that this year, where-ever Earth-killers turn, there we will be, window-washing, 'puter hacking, pole-dancing, directing traffic. We're tonight's entertainment! We're Earth children who came to play and our play gets in your way!

This year, where-ever they turn, there we will be, working for the Earth. Earthalujah!

Rev Billy