October 30, 2013

Oceans & Earth Riots

Oceans & Earth Riots
a note from our director Savitri D:

 THIS VIDEO NOW  (Dir: Laura Newman with John Quilty and his underwater camera)

When Sandy swept through the Caribbean and up the East Coast a year ago, climate change was suddenly on the lips of the most unexpected people. Everyone talked about infrastructure, flood walls, giant balloons in tunnels.... then, for most people, things returned to normal.  There is no normal. This summer scientists recorded the highest average temperatures in the arctic in 120,000 years.

This morning, Reverend Billy and Music Director Nehemiah Luckett stood before a judge to face "Riot" charges.  The DA asked for a year in jail and 30,000 dollars bail.  And for what crime?  Entering a Chase bank with a small group of singing activists depicting the climate-change-killed Golden Toads, handing out fliers about Chase's fossil fuel investments and encouraging clients in so called Wealth Management to move their wealth elsewhere.

The Stop Shopping activists are doing a strange thing, entering the rarified climes of these financial institutions, taking real risks to draw attention to the outcomes of their investments. Support our work.  Support the Singing Activists of The Church of Stop Shopping!