September 24, 2013

Climate-caused Human Change

Climate-caused Human Change

Alright we've finally agreed about Human-caused Climate Change. It exists. It is growing. It's here. Now its time for the next step, Climate-caused Human Change. We are not there yet at all. Not close. With extreme weather events tripling since 1980, we respond like distracted, over-stimulated, exhausted consumers. We ain't changing!

Artists once dramatized and explained change to us, they had social force. Can you remember comedians and singers and filmmakers who heralded the incoming future? Now such people are left out of the spotlight, they are left trapped in invisible careers trying to write a grant. Do you remember politicians, bishops, and even sports heroes (thinking of Muhammad Ali) who reinvented themselves in the manner of the whole-body at-risk artist? Today  we don't feature public expression that is Climate-caused. Only the disasters themselves really put the Earth into the news. Why aren't all the songs on the computer a duet with the screaming storms?

The 5th report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) of the United Nations is due this week. This is very important. Something to pay attention to. These reports are vulnerable to Koch Brothers financed skeptics because we don't successfully carry the findings to the public, we don't protect  the work, explain it, keep it strong.

Why don't we take the IPCC report and bring it to the communities of the world ourselves? We can translate the report into a conversation that is clear and dramatic, into catchy songs and smart jokes and earth prayers. Amen? Let's receive this news from the Earth and let's deliver it as if we we are planet criers. Are we ready for the climate to change us into responsible, artistically powerful citizens? Earthalujah!