November 18, 2013

Sign This Petition

Sign This Petition
The last time we launched a petition we were trying to prevent the Union Square Pavilion from being turned into a restaurant. So far so good on that.

We need to address some pretty basic problems. The banks are destroying the earth, they don't get punished for that. We try to stop them with some extinction resurrection and singing and we get threatened with a year in jail. Charged with Riot, Menace and Unlawful Assembly.  Earth Riot? Bio-Menace?

Rev and Nehemiah are looking at a year in jail and thousands in fines for their participation in a peaceful singing action at a Chase bank in Manhattan. 

Please go sign THIS PETITION, tell New York City's  DA Cyrus Vance the government needs to start respecting activism and prosecuting  big banks and heavy industry, before they drain all life from the planet.

60 tornadoes in the Midwest yesterday, 200 mph winds in the Phillipines ten days ago. Its happening now people. The Earth leads, we follow.

photo John Quilty