December 5, 2013

Charges Greatly Reduced

Charges Greatly Reduced
DEC 9 UPDATE! The DA came back with greatly reduced charges today! no more jail time, no more riot no more a victory for the moment, more to come! THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT. 

Here's a video
we made after our show at Joe's Pub last week. 

We've been focussing alot on our hearing this Monday, when Nehemiah and I will discover whether we are going to trial for our action at Chase 8 weeks ago.

The Petition and the Legal Fund are rolling along and we really appreciate all the support. Thank you. From us and (may I presume to say so?) the Golden Toads.

We've been making the rounds on the media, Democracy Now, Vice, WNYC-check a selection out here.

If you want to join us at our hearing Monday Dec 9th, we will be in court from 9 am and then meeting outside for a press conference at 11 am. 100 Centre Street in Lower Manhattan.