April 27, 2012

Night Before May Day

Night Before May Day

There is a personal resolve that we feel, a gathering-round of our family and friends, as the corporate security state tightens its grip. The Devil!  We don't know what we can write in emails or say into the phone - but the advertising pours down on us.  The big banksters are free to pay police forces directly, "settling" with regulators, jacking up the debt that destroys civil life.  Meanwhile, we keep hearing that Homeland Security is coordinating with local police working against the Occupy Movement.

As the police violence escalated over the winter, OWS broke into many working groups. We went more deeply into the issues we feel passionately about.  Now as spring comes, we have multiple actions every day. If the police are violent, they only succeed in dispersing us back into our working groups, and that personal resolve that we feel is strengthened, and we multiply.

"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then they lose."  ---Mahatma Gandhi

May Day is here!  Join us at the NIGHT BEFORE MAY DAY, a performance and a party.  This is a night to canonize into Fabulous Sainthood the pro bono lawyers who stood by us as we emerged from the Tombs and faced the prosecutor who called himself "The People."  And - it is a night to also honor the Ethiopian NYers who bring us back to the news from the other side of this violence, the imperial horizon, where native peoples are driven from their ancestral lands by armies paid off by big banks to make way for genetically engineered cash crops and commodities speculation.


Rev Billy & the Stop Shopping Choir

7 PM Monday, April 30th, Theater for the New City

155 1st Avenue, FREE, no reserves