August 27, 2012

Flooding a Parliament's Corruption by Hand

Flooding a Parliament's Corruption by Hand

Here is a note from Samo Gasoric - the redheaded activist in the green t-shirt - one of the 15workshop members who met with Savitri and myself throughout the week in Ljubljana, Slovenia as part of the Mledi Levi arts festival. On Friday, Samo joined us in carrying water from a famous fountain to the parliament, where we washed the corruption that led to secret fracking contracts with Halliburton and mysterious big banks. Samo's account argues forcefully for the power in Earth materials, in this case water. We have felt for some time in our activism that Earth can guide our activism and greatly increase its impact. Here is Samo's account.

"Something happened to me when I was washing the floor of the parliament, something was going on in our rituals which I felt did connect our water with the issues and the Prekmurje region. I felt relaxed, but mostly I felt cleansed - that would probably be the best description. And my best working theory is that it was water itself. It is said that water has the ability and power to carry emotions and also that it can be "programmed" by projecting intent or emotion into it, being more powerful with more people doing it. Of course it was also our flow as a group, so yes, water on our human level as well.

"I felt like connecting the water to issues of fracking and the Prekmurje region which we did at the fountain and at the bank, had more that purely symbolic or political message, but that it resonated with the water on some level. And this water in resonance was brought by our effort from the fountain to the bank and parliament and together with it its own energy and what we projected into it. All of this, together with our invented rituals - our "baptism" in the fountain, our physical effort of carrying the water and water leaving its trail on the floor, our collectiveness that embraced our actions, our humble act of kneeling and just being there with our presence - had some power that could be experienced and while I can somehow try to describe it, I cannot fully encompass it with these words. Maybe this is why I like it - our action was made out of life.

Rev again: At this writing, on 4 AM the morning of this year's Burning Man, the water of the Earth, the wind of the Earth - is emphatically landing through the gigantic tropical storm Isaac in the gulf, and through the 1,250 mile wide typhoon headed for Japan. We need to storm the corrupt electeds who continue to do the bidding of the fossil cartel and its CO2 emissions.