December 28, 2009

Odd Pause

Odd Pause

Lately when I wake up I feel the odd tension of my teenage years, a new existential crisis is dawning, a new Where am I? Who am I? What the hell is this? The dilemna is not in the least bit separate from my commitment to SAVING THE WORLD! not the people mind you but the WORLD! the earth, the creatures, the clouds and the water-- sound naive? Yes! Then how.....

Last night I was surfing the internet, and ended up on some pretty wack sites--I read all about the Norwegian Spiral as an epochal harbinger of planetary consciousness, the conundrum of Quetzacotl and 2012, quantam therapy! and then phew! I got back on track with some updates about the many people serving time in jail for environmental/earth actions, the absolute horror of the Green Scare and domestic terror enhancements. Then today greeted by a News section dominated, absolutely dominated, by what can only be called-at this point- a religious war, the US against Islam (or something like Islam it resembles not very much the Islam of my father, fundamentalist as he may be) -- needless to say I feel bandied about but once again let me just say my feelings are not the point-- its more accurate to say that things seem wilder and stranger than ever and its NOT just my perception. True Jim Jones might be weirder but ........ no... what can be weirder than an incendiary device sewed into a pair of underpants and unsuccesfully ignited by a syringe underneath a cheap airplane blanket- the perp in shock and on fire then tackled and diffused by a dutch filmmaker who immediately tries to sell his story for millions and this is a man who bought his ticket with CASH and who's own FATHER already called the authorities to warn them! But no there is more. The undefeated Colts got beat by the Jets yesterday. and Mike Bloomberg is still mayor. There are raspberries from chile in the local bodega....

anyway.... like I said... I feel like a teenager discovering that holy smokes! world hunger doesn't come from a lack of food!  the evidence does lie! the russians don't have all that many ICBMS...  I need to listen to more music.