1546011_10152272701730974_2902806806382396438_n-1.jpgWhat would that look like? When it happens and we all shift toward living differently - what do we see? What is the seed moment? The first time I saw change begin was in the Disney store. I shouted at an inappropriate volume level, with some friends who did the same. Then we witnessed eight or nine customers respond in eight or nine different ways. One giggled, another shut his eyes and covered them with his hand, a woman was clapping her hands and egging us on, another seemed paralyzed, alternately smiling and frowning, and so on. I thought I saw this kind anarchic release from conformity in the tourists standing along the edges of our climate march on Sunday. 

Near the end of The Stop Shopping Choir's five hour march, we passed by 42nd and 7th Avenue, the corner where Disney Store stood back when I shouted "Mickey Mouse is stealing the dreams of our children!" We had no way of knowing then that the thing that held us back from changing was such a formal structure. We hadn't noticed that we stay so strictly polite around products. We mistook obedience for freedom. But just a small break in the wall and we all swung to impolite responses, ignoring thousands of big-eyed sweatshop-stuffed Minnies and Plutos and Donald Ducks who were now clawing the air with neurotic ferocity, as we the customers broke through to each other, marching out of the store through the doorway of our interruption. Change-a-lujah!