Brian Lehrer Show WNYC

LISTEN HERE as Brian Lehrer grills Billy about the hearing, questioning whether civil disobedience is an effective means of social protest.

Rev. Billy Returns with Golden Toad Extinction Resurrection Tour

Experience many facets of my friend, Rev. Billy of the Church of Stop Shopping. In this expansive interview, Bill Talen gets laughs and shares sorrow over rampant consumerism and threats to the planet.Rev. Billy has evolved from a satirical preacher into a populist leader, still fronting his Stop Shopping gospel choir and staging interventions at banks and other sources of the scourges of our times. He describes the new messages targeting JP Morgan Chase and other enablers of the corporate agenda, and presents some new songs by the choir.

Reverend Billy leads exorcism of BP's 'evil spirit' from Tate Modern

It's 5.30pm on Monday, and as the crowds in the massive turbine hall at the Tate Modern thin out, a neat young man with slicked back hair quietly disrobes, revealing a white suit. Eight others approach him, donning green costumes.

Political satire troupe takes on mountaintop removal

 July 21, 2010 · Rev. Billy and the Church of Life After Shopping will perform “The Coal River Revival." Their performance comes with an agenda: to reduce consumption in general and end mountaintop removal mining.
Bill Talen, also known as Reverend Billy, is on a mission – perhaps not one from God -- but a mission nonetheless.

Reverend Billy Talks Unmarriage On WBAI Evening News

Audio of interview with the Rev, plus the Choir singing "I Do! I Do!"

Click here to listen to the MP3.

Rev. Billy on WVRB's Radio Provocateur

Rev. Billy will appear on Radio Provocateur to talk about Buy Nothing Day, the commercialization of Christmas, the role of consumerism in the American way-of-life.

RADIO PROVOCATEUR is a weekly radio program on WVRB that is (for now, at least) dedicated to exploring the many issues and causes in New York City and urban areas around the world and the people on the ground who organize around them. The show streams live at every Tuesday from 9 to 10pm.

"A Mission For The World To Stop Shopping"

BBC World Service

The Rev and Savitri D have at the myths of consumerism and big box populism on the BBC World Service!

The 'Reverend Billy' is a man on a mission. He wants the world to change their shopping habits and use local shops instead of big chain stores.

Rev Billy on BBC Radio 4 Loose Ends

Click the link for a 5 megabyte mp3. Get surreal on the radio!

Halleluja! Pastori Billy saarnaa kuluttamisen lopettamista

Pastori Billy
Bill and Savitri on the air! Live credit card cutting! Also, Santa Clause is from Finland and he's the Devil.

YleX Tänäänin viikon vieraana Lopettakaa shoppailu -kirkon pastori Billy ja tämän vaimo Savitri D. Performanssiryhmä on saarnanut shoppailun vastaista sanomaansa ympäri Yhdysvaltoja. Suomessa pari vierailee Helsingin Lens Politica -festareilla, missä esitetään heistä kertovat dokumentti What Would Jesus Buy?

YleX Tänäänissä pastori mm. manasi saatanaa Marjan luottokortista.

Rev and Choir On WFMU's Sound and Safe

Choir In The Garden
Join WFMU, Trent, Reverend Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping Choir and the viBe SongMakers for what promises to be a cold and stunningly magical night of beautiful music, fire, food, drink, and inspiration as America closes in on election day. Reverend Billy will deliver a soft sermon on the future of the world and the teenage women of the viBe SongMakers will delight with their original acapella hip-hop numbers. S'mores materials (including fire pit and tiki torches) will be provided, but bring your own drinks.
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