End Mountaintop Removal: UBS Bank

Casting the demons out of vaults and ATM lobbies that finance Mountaintop Removal Strip Mining
End Mountaintop Removal: UBS Bank
JP Morgan Chase has backed away from MTR. Now we turn our attention to UBS as the single largest financer of Mountain Top Removal (PDF report) in the world, providing Big Coal with hundreds of millions of dollars to finance this deadly practice. UBS is also the world’s largest private bank, famous for hoarding the wealth of Republicans, Nazis, and any old tinhorn dictator.

We have humbly joined the people of Appalachia who have struggled against this monstrosity for decades, their children getting cancer, the water and air poisoned, their beautiful mountains exploded. But the mountains we warred against and shopped into the ground will know when their killers change. Earthalujah!


The Sartor Report

Compiled from the website opensourecoal.org, this report deals specifically with UBS's financing of Mountaintop Removal. Below is a snippet of the report. Read the whole thing here.

The Berne Report

This report, prepared for Berne Declaration and Greepeace Switzerland, details UBS's involvement in destructive extractive industries around the world. Apart from Mountaintop Removal, UBS is also a major financer of oil & gas giants BP and Lukoil. Below is a snippet of the report. Read the whole thing here.