End Mountaintop Removal: Chase Bank

Dirty Coal, Blown Up Mountains, Buried Creeks, Endangered Creatures, Threatened Communities
End Mountaintop Removal: Chase Bank
Have You Been to the Mountain Top?
In our Church, we respond to the words MOUNTAINTOP REMOVAL like thousands of others. We hear the words of the people in those mountains and that is enough to get to work. Mountaintop Removal is unbelievable and we respond to the idea of it with belief. We will rise and rise and rise on the slopes of where the mountain is returning.

We believe that life on earth is talking to us. The oil and ash and tsunamis and mudslides and tornadoes - these are massive memos from the life that preceded us. The asthma and cancers in the families under the blown-up and strip-mined mountains, they have the moaning, distorted cry of the earth in their bodies. One-third of the energy we consume is dirty coal. The smooth light in our rooms divides us from the murder of the mountains, but you cannot divide the earth from itself. This becomes clear when we consume less. That has always been the ethos of our Church.

We have humbly joined the people of Appalachia who have struggled against this monstrosity for decades, their children getting cancer, the water and air poisoned, their beautiful mountains exploded. But the mountains we warred against and shopped into the ground will know when their killers change. EARTH-A-LUJAH!


Our campaign:

  • Check out our events page for upcoming actions and performances.
  • Watch as a member of the Church of Stop Shopping dis-invests from Chase and educates employees about the bank's funding of MTR.


  • On March 21st we delivered mud from Coal Mountain to Chase Branch on 2nd avenue, we built a mountain in the lobby and left a letter for the CEO of Chase Jamie Dimon.
  • Rev. Billy arrested as two more NYC Chase branches get a deposit of murdered mountain mud!
  • See pictures from our rally at Chase Manhattan Headquarters at their annual shareholder's meeting.
  • On July 1st, The Church began it's campaign against UBS with a deposit of murdered mountain mud

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