Brave Bridge Danglers

11792112_10152902610180974_8354444943948392493_o.jpgTHE BRAVE BRIDGE DANGLERS OF PORTLAND, and the kayakers up the coast and the whole movement in the Northwest against arctic drilling, is such indispensable work. We are all so grateful. We badly need dramatic action, big stark brave images. 

It seems that we have to re-learn courage. We are straining toward our Pettis Bridge and Stonewall Tavern and we aren't there yet. We don't have a socialmovement on the scale that would make a difference to the Earth. We are like John the Baptist screaming in the stream. Consumerism makes the kind of motion that isn't moving at all. What appears to be new is not a change in values, just a new product. The heavy inertia of the "old normal" keeps pushing back against human justice and earth justice. 

Here in Brooklyn the glyphosate trucks are spraying in the public park. I just bicycled over the parking lot and there they are. Monsanto's toxins are sprayed within a few feet of playgrounds and all manner of humanity. In the church we're discussing - sending pictures of ourselves from last July 15th, exorcising the trucks, walking unauthorized inside the cyclone fence, holding hands and singing. Let the Commissioner of Parks know about our trespassing. We are making new culture, new songs and prayers, human expression that the surrounding trees are flowing through... That's going on, Mr. Commish, and will continue until you stop the toxins.

Each of us has some skill: juggling, welding, skateboarding... whatever we have to offer, we must look for how we can support the Earth with what we do. The big battles need to be mixed with many local ones. We need to do what we can do. --rev