Book Mentions

Books and Academic Papers
Theater in a Crowded Fire. Lee Gilmore. UC Northridge

The Downtown Gospel According to Reverend Billy. Theater Magazine. Edited by Erika Monk, article by Jonathan Kalb

Reverend Billy. Preaching, Protest, and Postindustrial Flanerie.Theater Drama Review. Ed. by Richard Schechner, article by Jill Lane

What Would Jesus Buy?: Rev. Billy and his "Church of Stop Shopping" preach the gospel of love, anti-consumerism, and radical neighborliness.
Sojourners Magazine, feature story by Dr. Walter Brueggemann

Reverend Billy's Unholy War. New York Theater Magazine, feature story by Jonathan Dee

Activism Based in Embarrassment: The Anti-Consumption Spirituality of Reverend Billy
. Liminalities. Article by Carmen L. McClish.

Dream: Re-imagining Progressive Politics in an Age of Fantasy. Stephen Duncombe. NYU Press.

Books by or collections with Bill Talen
What Should I Do If Reverend Billy Is In My Store? Bill Talen. The New Press.

What Would Jesus Buy? Bill Talen. PublicAffairs/Perseus.

From ACT UP to the WTO, urban protest and community building in the era of globalization. Ben Shepherd and Ronald Hayduk. Verso.

The Cost of Freedom: Theorizing and Practicing a Critical Pedagogy of Consumption
. Edited by Jenny Sandlin. University of Austin.

Published soon
Life, Inc., by Douglas Rushkof (in paperback with section on church)

Shopocalypse Now, University of Michigan Press, Bill Talen and Savitri D